Covid-19 Rehabilitation – A long road to recovery?

Covid-19 has had an impact on all our lives whether this be because of multiple lockdowns, hindering tier restrictions or catching it!

We all know about the horrendous statistics of infection rates and fatalities, but little has been spoken about those that have unfortunately caught Coronavirus and their road to recovery.

Those with underlying health conditions in the first lockdown were ordered by the Government to shield away to look after themselves and the NHS, this being a disease that can harm the medically vulnerable the most.

A stint in hospital for someone with a continuous medical condition can often mean them leaving in normal times with reduced mobility. A few weeks with orders to rest will reduce the muscle strength in the fittest of people, but for some it can impact massively!!

Recovering coronavirus patients will have to go through a rehabilitation programme which will be tailored to themselves, but in a lot of cases will involve help around the house. Services offered by local authorities have always been stretched resulting in many people sourcing their own privately funded care.

Stairlifts have always been in the same camp, with options available from local authorities. Unfortunately, with waiting lists before the pandemic often being several months, if not years, the pressures on these resources have mounted.

It’s estimated that the rehabilitation from Coronavirus is going to be long and with tasks like climbing the stairs being a tough task for many, so a stairlift could well be needed. The big question is how long will this rehabilitation process take? With not much data for professionals to analyse, it’s unknown whether a stairlift will be a long- or short-term requirement.

Stairlifts can be easily installed and removed after they have served their purpose. It’s not very well known, but stairlifts can be rented for a short term to facilitate with a person’s road to recovery.

When we are in desperate need of equipment to help with day-to-day tasks, our environment becomes less important. But it’s good to know that no matter how long a stairlift is needed for, you can choose a stairlift that suits your décor and that when you have finished with it and want it removing, there is minimal damage to the stairs and carpet. So, don’t struggle!!


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