Meet the Team Behind Love Stairlifts

Last year, Andy and Adam opened the UK’s first stairlift only, ‘Demonstration and Advice Centre’, under the brand “Love Stairlifts”.

Love Stairlifts, based on the busy Edge Lane main road into Liverpool city centre has the largest range of demonstration stairlifts on display in the UK – That means you can try before you buy and to get great advice on everything stairlift-related.

Question: What was the motivation behind Love Stairlifts?     

Andy:  We both wanted to take all the frustrations we had with the stairlift industry and make it a lot easier for the customer and ourselves. We wanted to offer customers a bigger choice of product, stairlifts at all different price points and better care.

Adam: Having spent many years in the sector and experiencing how other retailers approached ‘selling’ a stairlift, it was clear there was a much better way to do things and to offer an unrivalled experience. Customer service and overall satisfaction does seem to get lost in a lot of retail areas today, but we see this as paramount!

Question: What do you most enjoy about working in the industry? 

Adam:  It is one of the few jobs where I believe you can go home at the end of the day feeling that you have made a genuinely positive difference to somebody’s life. Fitting a stairlift often gives a customer the opportunity to stay in the home they love.

Andy: I agree with Adam. I had a customer years ago who cried when we were doing the handover because the stairlift we had installed had given her back her independence, and her freedom to get upstairs, which she had not done for eight months!

Question: What is the hardest part of your job?

Andy:  There isn’t really anything difficult about it. It is about advising what is the best stairlift for the customer and their staircase.

Adam:  I wish we could at times get customers to get a stairlift before they have had their first fall on their stairs. There are always little signs prior to a fall that a stairlift is needed, but unfortunately, these are often ignored.

Question: What do you enjoy outside work?

Andy:  Walking with the family and dog in the Lake District and ending the walk in a pub with a pint of real ale. Also, I love open water swimming. It just reminds me that I’m alive and very cold!!

Adam: Having met my wife through the mobility industry, we often still talk shop in the evening, however with two fantastic children, I’m often found playing with my son on the PlayStation or dress up with my daughter. Getting out on my bike is always nice too, to try and keep fit.

Question: What is your favourite meal and restaurant? Do you remember restaurants?

Andy: A movie and meal deal with the family at Zeffirellis in Ambleside and a Rain Forest pizza and a bottle of Italian red wine.

Adam  Anything American really, I’m always scouting for the biggest and best burger I can find. Restaurants are an extended family occasion for me and I will look forward to again visiting and taking all nine plus of us to Sunday Carvery.

Question: Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

Andy:  I was in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy Submarine Service and went to the North Pole, the easy route. We played a game of football between the crews, so it always makes me laugh that football games get cancelled when there is a little bit of snow, the modern footballer doesn’t even have to worry about Polar Bears!

Adam: I’m fairly boring to be honest, however, I’m good at juggling having taught myself when I was younger and although I’ve not done it for years, I’m actually very good at horseback riding, I did a fair amount of amateur show jumping as a child and would love to ride again in the future.

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