How much does a stairlift cost?

Buying a stairlift is not an easy decision for several reasons, one of which is its cost. There are plenty of options on the market right now, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, so you really should be well informed before making a decision. This article should help you with that – it will outline the numbers you can expect and the factors that can affect a stairlift’s price, as well as show you how that price can be reduced. At LOVE Stairlifts, our aim is to make your decision-making process as simple as possible by providing you will all relevant information. Here’s what you need to know.

How is a stairlift’s price defined?

For many people, the very first question they will want to ask is how much is a stairlift. As we have mentioned in much greater detail in our “How to choose a stairlift?” article, there are plenty of factors you should consider when choosing one, which is why stairlift prices can vary greatly.

Straight stairlifts

The most basic stairlift will be fitted onto a straight staircase, and the starting price for such a model will be approximately £1900. However, many features of your staircase can turn into obstacles that need to be addressed if you want to install a stairlift. Maybe there’s a radiator in your way, maybe the stairs have a landing in the middle, maybe the staircase takes a sharp turn at the top… All of this will affect the price in the end.

Curved stairlifts

Prices for curved stairlifts are significantly higher from the start, almost twice that of the basic straight model, and it is also important whether your stairs are outside or in the house. Obviously, the number of stairs will also have a role to play because it’s not the same if you need to get past six or sixteen of them. Stairlifts can also have a lot of additional features added to them, features that are not obligatory but that can make the whole experience of using them much more comfortable. For example, the seat can be powered to swivel automatically at the top to help you get off safely.

Reconditioned stairlifts

All of the above applies to new models, but there are possibilities that can save you a fair amount compared to those prices. Reconditioned stairlifts, both straight and curved, are fairly common, and we can help you get one that meets strict safety standards. Usually, these are not very old models, and it is also possible to get a warranty for them because they are closely inspected by professional engineers who make sure that each stairlift operates as expected. And how much is this type of stairlift? Well, such reconditioned stairlifts can be found at about half the price of a new model, so it is certainly worth it to gather info about them. We would be more than happy to help you with that, so call us and our Consultants will fill you in and help you choose between the variety of options you have.

Stairlift price quote – what’s included in the price?

As you can see, there are many things to consider, and if you’ve never dealt with stairlifts before it can sometimes be challenging to analyse everything. A professional can help you with that by providing a detailed assessment of the cost of installation in your own house, so you will get accurate information on what work needs to be done and what you can expect. You would do well to ask this person absolutely everything you want to know about this product as it is probably the best and quickest way to become knowledgeable on the matter. It is also possible to get this kind of information by phone if that’s more convenient for you. Either way, our Consultants will gladly help you and can be at your doorstep in 24 hours, so feel free to contact us now and see which stairlift is the right one for you.

What comes with a stairlift?

The price of a stairlift covers everything you need for peace of mind. Obviously, it covers the stairlift itself, but it also covers many other things. These include: the cost of installation, which is quick, clean and elegant thanks to our experienced engineers a 2-year warranty also comes in the package free access to our call-out service free advice and information over the phone whenever you need it.

Maintenance and warranty

If your warranty is about to expire, it is possible to purchase a new one that will cover you for the next few years. Any kind of warranty usually comes with a stairlift maintenance agreement, but these can vary a lot in the range of services they cover, so this is another thing you should research thoroughly when purchasing a stairlift. Generally speaking, every stairlift should be checked by an authorised engineer every 12 months and serviced once a year.

Stairlift batteries

The cost of electricity used for operating a stairlift should not worry you. These products actually need much less electricity than your usual household appliance – it is estimated that stairlift batteries spend on average no more than £15 per year. Therefore, you need not worry about operational costs.


Should something break down and you don’t have a warranty to cover you, additional investments will have to be made. Obviously, the total cost of repairs will depend on the nature of the malfunction, but you can expect to pay approximately £150 for an initial visit that will try to diagnose the problem. But if your stairlift is just making a beeping noise, don’t panic right away – this usually means that stairlift batteries are not charging, so check first if there’s a simple solution to that. If your stairlift is making a grating or a scraping noise, it’s definitely time to call in an expert. LOVE Stairlift’s engineers are at your full disposal, so get in touch with us and all malfunctions will be removed quickly and professionally.

How long does a stairlift last?

New stairlifts are very reliable products and can last you for about a decade before you have to find a replacement. Several factors can influence the product’s lifespan, though, including its average daily use, the incline of the stairs it is attached to, the weight of the user, etc. It is also important who the manufacturer is because some brands have proven themselves to be able to produce very reliable stairlifts, while some other (cheaper) models don’t have a good track record. Talk to us and see which models would suit you best.

So, how much is a stairlift?

In conclusion, a lot of factors can affect a stairlift’s price. The size of your staircase, whether it’s straight or curved, and potential obstacles should all be considered, but in short, a new stairlift can cost anywhere between £1800 and £4000. Opting for a reconditioned stairlift is therefore a good solution for some people, but in this case, you would do well to see how big of a warranty (if any) you get with the product. Of course, you want your annual stairlift maintenance to be covered by it, too. Additionally, it is possible to get grants that will cover a part or even the complete cost of a stairlift – government grants in form of Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) serve this purpose, plus there are plenty of organizations in the UK that will lend financial assistance to people in the market for a stairlift. LOVE Stairlifts can help you with that too, so contact us now, collect all relevant information and make your first step towards improving the quality of your life!
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