Am I under any obligation to buy?

Absolutely not. The teams at Love Stairlifts are trained by occupational therapists – their job is to advise you on the best options for your health. If you’re just looking for guidance, we’re here to help. Our full HAP assessments are free, and you can use it regardless of who you choose to buy from.

How long does it take to install a stairlift?

A stairlift can be fitted in as little as two hours. Curved staircases may take longer, up to four hours, but we always install with minimal disruption.

What happens if I don’t need my stairlift anymore?

We’ll be happy to uninstall your stairlift if you purchased it with us. You may even be able to get some money back with our Buy Back Guarantee. Love Stairlifts takes care of you and your wallet that way.

What is the weight limit for a stairlift?

Every stairlift is different, but as a rule, straight stairlifts can carry up to 30 stone (190kg), while curved ones can carry up to 25 stone (160kg). We’ll confirm your weight during your free assessment, and may be able to customise stairlifts to carry up to 40 stone (254kg).

How much does it cost to run a stairlift?

Next to nothing! Stairlifts are extremely energy efficient – about the same expenditure as boiling a kettle.

Should I ever switch my stairlift off?

No! You should never switch your stairlift off at the mains – even if you’re away from home. The mains power charges the battery so that it’s ready for use when you’re back.

What happens if there is a power cut?

Love’s stairlifts are run by battery, so they will not be affected by power outages. The batteries charge at the mains when the stairlift is not in use.

Can I use my stairlift straight away?

Yes! As soon as one of Love Stairlifts’ engineers has installed the stairlift and carried out a safety test, it’s yours to use as you see fit. You’ll get a full demonstration first, for free.

Are stairlifts safe around children?

Yes! Our stairlifts are 100% safe to use if there are children in the house. Every LOVE stairlift comes with a key to lock the device, meaning it cannot be used but will still charge the battery. At Love Stairlifts, we care about your safety and the safety of all the little ones in your house.

Are stairlifts noisy?

No! Our stairlifts are very quiet, so they can be used at night without fear of disturbing other people in the home. You can hear them for yourself at our showroom!

Can a stairlift be used by more than one person?

Not at the same time, but yes! All our stairlifts come with two remote controls, found at either end of the stairlift. This means you can ‘send’ the stairlift up or down remotely to the next user.

What happens if my stairlift breaks down?

Stairlifts are very reliable and rarely break down. In this unlikely event, the breakdown engineers at Love Stairlifts can assist you 24 hours a day with one of our breakdown plans. You can contact us any time!

What happens if something gets in the way while the stairlift is moving?

Our stairlifts are fitted with safety sensitive edges. If these sensors detect an obstruction, the stairlift will stop automatically.

Do I have to pay VAT on a stairlift?

You will be eligible for VAT exemption if you are disabled or suffer with a chronic sickness. We will ask you a couple of questions while helping you complete the VAT declaration form. If you are unsure, we have a very useful section on our website regarding VAT or you can find out more from the HMRC website.

How long does a Love HAP Assessment take?

We will typically need about half an hour of your time whether that’s in-store, over the phone, or at your home. This is enough time to get through our Occupational Therapist (OT) assessment checklist and make sure we get you the perfect stairlift for your needs. If you have any more questions or would like to book a HAP assessment with the Love team, contact us here.
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