The History of the Stairlift.

Stairlifts as we know them today, where first invented by a gentleman called C.C Crispen back in 1923. Crispen who was an engineer from Pennsylvania, created the first recognizable stairlift though the need to help one of his close friends who had become sick. He set about inventing a chair that would climb the stairs for his friend and called it the Inclin-ator.

Although Crispen’s design was the starting point for what we see as the norm in todays stairlift designs, there was evidence discovered that King Henry VIII had in fact possible come up with the very first idea hundreds of years before. The 30 stone King, having had sustained a jousting injury, got his servants to haul him up and down the stairs at the ancient Whitehall Palace in London, using a block and tackle system.

Since Crispen’s invention nearly 100 years ago, the stairlift world has changed just like most other sectors as technology has become more advanced. Although the basic idea that Crispen came up with has remained the same, the design and materials as well as features have come on leaps and bounds since.

With the use of lightweight materials and a greater emphasis on safety features as well as comfort and making stairlifts look more pleasing to the eye, they have become more excepted as the most cost-effective solution to getting up and down the stairs when you start to struggle.

Although the Inclin-ator was a great name to start, it soon became known as the stairlift. Stairlifts are also commonly referred to as Chair lifts, Stair gliders and “a Stannah”.

Stannah, however is actually a brand name, much the same as Hoover is in the vacuum cleaner world with the likes of Dyson and Shark now arguably taking top spot with new innovative technologies as well-known brands in everyone’s homes today.

Stannah stairlifts are much the same, a well-known brand name which has over the years been challenged by newer more innovative companies like Thyssenkrupp and Otolift who have taken the stairlift market to a whole new level with fresh technologies. Brands like Thyssenkrupp, Otolift and Handicare are now amongst the brand leaders in stairlifts nowadays, all offering the very latest in stairlift technology. These other, not so well-known brands offer vast ranges, meaning more options which can suit more people in their existing environments without compromise to functionality or style.

Love stairlifts was developed as the UK’s first and largest dedicated demonstration and advice centre to offer the choice and range that is available in the stairlift world today. We believe that people should have choice when choosing their stairlift.

“We’re not all the same, so why should your stairlift be!”

If you’d like to discuss our stairlift ranges in more detail, please contact us today to arrange a showroom or home visit, where we can independently assess your environment and offer our recommendations of which stairlifts are suitable for you and your home.

Call us on 0151 459 5939 or send us a message.

Do you need a stairlift?

It’s important you consider a stairlift at the right time for you. We are all very different and your health will determine when it is the right time to ask the question – Should I get a stairlift?

We very often hear people say things to us like, “I don’t want a stairlift yet, because the stairs are good exercise” or “I don’t want to give up using my legs just yet”.

It’s very important for us all to stay as fit and healthy as we can, this should help us live a longer happier lifestyle. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that the most common accident to have at home is a fall and the stairs are the highest contributor to falls around the house. You can fall at any age, but statistics prove, people over the age of 65 are more prone to having a fall at home.

In fact, around 3 million people aged 65 or older will end in A&E after having had an accident at home every year. This is at a cost of around £2 billion to the NHS and takes up 4 million hospital bed days each year.

No one wants to go to hospital and with the additional threat of the Covid-19 infection, it’s essential we all take precautions to stay independent and safe at home.

So, if you are struggling to get up the stairs, the chances are a stairlift will help you. Don’t struggle, just contact us for some additional advice.

Do I need a HAP assessment? What does it offer me?

When you have had an illness that disrupts your mobility, whether that’s for the short or long term, you will more than likely have an Occupational Therapist involved in your recovery plan or be advised to have a private assessment.

An Occupational Therapist is a trained professional who will assess you and your environment in order to advise and obtain equipment to help in your recovery and for any longer lasting mobility issues.

At Love Stairlifts we have teamed up with one of the UK’s foremost Occupational Therapy consultancies who have helped in producing our unique FREE Home And Physical assessment which allows us to make sure we ask the right questions and advise on the correct stairlifts for you.

Our HAP assessment is our thorough checklist which allows us to not only get the correct stairlift for you for today, but makes sure its right for your future too. We believe that from the HAP assessment we’ll be able to offer you the right stairlift options to you, but if we feel your needs are more complex, we will happily get a trained Occupational Therapist to give you a call and discuss your needs in greater detail.

All our advice is FREE of charge and our HAP assessment is FREE too because at Love Stairlifts we believe that having the assessment will guide you to making the right choice in stairlift, no matter where you choose to purchase from.

If you’d like us to carry out a FREE HAP assessment for you, please call us on 0151 459 5939 or drop us a message by clicking here.

Covid-19 Rehabilitation – A long road to recovery?

Covid-19 has had an impact on all our lives whether this be because of multiple lockdowns, hindering tier restrictions or catching it!

We all know about the horrendous statistics of infection rates and fatalities, but little has been spoken about those that have unfortunately caught Coronavirus and their road to recovery.

Those with underlying health conditions in the first lockdown were ordered by the Government to shield away to look after themselves and the NHS, this being a disease that can harm the medically vulnerable the most.

A stint in hospital for someone with a continuous medical condition can often mean them leaving in normal times with reduced mobility. A few weeks with orders to rest will reduce the muscle strength in the fittest of people, but for some it can impact massively!!

Recovering coronavirus patients will have to go through a rehabilitation programme which will be tailored to themselves, but in a lot of cases will involve help around the house. Services offered by local authorities have always been stretched resulting in many people sourcing their own privately funded care.

Stairlifts have always been in the same camp, with options available from local authorities. Unfortunately, with waiting lists before the pandemic often being several months, if not years, the pressures on these resources have mounted.

It’s estimated that the rehabilitation from Coronavirus is going to be long and with tasks like climbing the stairs being a tough task for many, so a stairlift could well be needed. The big question is how long will this rehabilitation process take? With not much data for professionals to analyse, it’s unknown whether a stairlift will be a long- or short-term requirement.

Stairlifts can be easily installed and removed after they have served their purpose. It’s not very well known, but stairlifts can be rented for a short term to facilitate with a person’s road to recovery.

When we are in desperate need of equipment to help with day-to-day tasks, our environment becomes less important. But it’s good to know that no matter how long a stairlift is needed for, you can choose a stairlift that suits your décor and that when you have finished with it and want it removing, there is minimal damage to the stairs and carpet. So, don’t struggle!!


Meet the Team Behind Love Stairlifts

Last year, Andy and Adam opened the UK’s first stairlift only, ‘Demonstration and Advice Centre’, under the brand “Love Stairlifts”.

Love Stairlifts, based on the busy Edge Lane main road into Liverpool city centre has the largest range of demonstration stairlifts on display in the UK – That means you can try before you buy and to get great advice on everything stairlift-related.

Question: What was the motivation behind Love Stairlifts?     

Andy:  We both wanted to take all the frustrations we had with the stairlift industry and make it a lot easier for the customer and ourselves. We wanted to offer customers a bigger choice of product, stairlifts at all different price points and better care.

Adam: Having spent many years in the sector and experiencing how other retailers approached ‘selling’ a stairlift, it was clear there was a much better way to do things and to offer an unrivalled experience. Customer service and overall satisfaction does seem to get lost in a lot of retail areas today, but we see this as paramount!

Question: What do you most enjoy about working in the industry? 

Adam:  It is one of the few jobs where I believe you can go home at the end of the day feeling that you have made a genuinely positive difference to somebody’s life. Fitting a stairlift often gives a customer the opportunity to stay in the home they love.

Andy: I agree with Adam. I had a customer years ago who cried when we were doing the handover because the stairlift we had installed had given her back her independence, and her freedom to get upstairs, which she had not done for eight months!

Question: What is the hardest part of your job?

Andy:  There isn’t really anything difficult about it. It is about advising what is the best stairlift for the customer and their staircase.

Adam:  I wish we could at times get customers to get a stairlift before they have had their first fall on their stairs. There are always little signs prior to a fall that a stairlift is needed, but unfortunately, these are often ignored.

Question: What do you enjoy outside work?

Andy:  Walking with the family and dog in the Lake District and ending the walk in a pub with a pint of real ale. Also, I love open water swimming. It just reminds me that I’m alive and very cold!!

Adam: Having met my wife through the mobility industry, we often still talk shop in the evening, however with two fantastic children, I’m often found playing with my son on the PlayStation or dress up with my daughter. Getting out on my bike is always nice too, to try and keep fit.

Question: What is your favourite meal and restaurant? Do you remember restaurants?

Andy: A movie and meal deal with the family at Zeffirellis in Ambleside and a Rain Forest pizza and a bottle of Italian red wine.

Adam  Anything American really, I’m always scouting for the biggest and best burger I can find. Restaurants are an extended family occasion for me and I will look forward to again visiting and taking all nine plus of us to Sunday Carvery.

Question: Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

Andy:  I was in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy Submarine Service and went to the North Pole, the easy route. We played a game of football between the crews, so it always makes me laugh that football games get cancelled when there is a little bit of snow, the modern footballer doesn’t even have to worry about Polar Bears!

Adam: I’m fairly boring to be honest, however, I’m good at juggling having taught myself when I was younger and although I’ve not done it for years, I’m actually very good at horseback riding, I did a fair amount of amateur show jumping as a child and would love to ride again in the future.

Got any questions you’d like to put to the team? Send us a message on Facebook and you might see your answer featured in one of our future blog posts! 

WIN a stairlift competition – Our Winner!!

Just before Christmas, the Love Stairlifts team embarked on a mission to give away a stairlift, with the hope of making a resident of the Merseyside area, that little bit safer at home in time for the festivities.

We knew with the current pandemic of coronavirus, there would be a lot more people at home for Christmas and potentially by themselves with worried family members unable to visit.

Although the Love Stairlifts team of Andy and Adam have worked in the Mobility and Stairlift industry for many years, Love Stairlifts was opened in September 2020 in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis. To say the least, it was tough to get going and we wanted to make sure we got the competition out to the masses as best as possible, especially as a lot of vulnerable people were staying safe behind closed doors.

So, we set about advertising the competition through ways of newspapers, instore adverts at the showroom on Edge Lane, on our website and of course social media.

We received some lovely messages from family members putting forward their elderly relatives to be amongst the entrants. It was clear to see that quite often it is the son’s and daughter’s or even grandchildren that are more worried about loved ones having an accident on the stairs then themselves.

It was lovely to see that through the power of social media via our Facebook and Instagram pages and followers, people were sharing the competition far and wide so as many people as possible could get involved.

You can follow all the Love Stairlifts activities by following us at or

We drew the lucky winner just before Christmas and although we had some delay due to communication issues, we where really pleased to announce that Fred and Dorothy Chester from the Wirral who had been entered by their daughter Gaenor, had WON the FREE Alma stairlift.

When we visited them, Fred 93, was struggling to get up the stairs easily, having to use two banister rails and a lot of upper body strength to pull himself up the stairs, energy that could be better reserved for other daily tasks.

We fitted the stairlift within just a few hours and with very little disruption. Both Fred and his wife now use the stairlift on a daily basis. Daughter Gaenor reports that her Dad know uses the stairs even more than he used to which is fantastic news.

Do you have a loved one struggling with the stairs? Or are you finding the stairs to be a difficult task?

Don’t struggle, give the Love Stairlifts team a call on 0151 459 5939 to discuss the right option for you. We will talk you through the different stairlifts available and offer our recommendation for you and your environment.


How can I stay fit without leaving my chair?

Feeling fit isn’t just about sporting a set of sensational abs, nor is it just for people in their twenties.

In fact, if you start exercising later in life, it can be just as beneficial for your health as exercising while young.

The NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous movement.

In addition, health specialists advise us to incorporate exercises that help strength, balance and flexibility into our schedules at least twice a week.

Why workout?

There are many great reasons to move about, not just for losing weight.

For your physical health, you can reduce the chances of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and weight gain.

You can even decrease your blood pressure, improve your strength and minimise the possibility of falling over. With regular moderate exercise, your immune system has more of a fighting chance against colds, flu and coronavirus. You may even find your digestive system gives you fewer complaints.

In terms of your mental health, people who exercise are at a lower risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression and stress.

Not only that but exercising boosts your endorphins, which help you feel elated afterwards.

When starting your exercise routine

If you’re new to exercise, or you haven’t worked out for a long time, you need to take it easy at first. Light exercise is a good place to start, with gentle walking, dusting, cleaning, making a cup of tea or standing up out of your chair.

As you get more confident, you can progress to more prolonged and slightly more intense exercise.

Chair exercises

The good news is that even if you’re not as fast on your feet as you were, you can still do a workout routine from the comfort of your chair.

It’s advisable to use a chair that doesn’t have arms so you can move more freely. A dining chair is ideal.

Chair workouts often include shoulder rolls, gentle twists and posture exercises. Read about our own workouts here.

They may not seem as advanced as your grandchildren’s Insanity workout DVD or their CrossFit classes, but they are effective enough to start to build your muscles and strength.

Start off with a short 10-15 minute burst a few times a week. If you begin doing 30 minutes or an hour, you might find it tiring and not want to continue. Little and often is the best philosophy!

If you find reading workout instructions taxing, then we’ve picked out a few videos from across the web to get you started.

Important note: While these workouts are suitable for seniors, it’s always advisable to check with your GP before you begin any exercise programme.

We hope you have lots of fun implementing these routines. Let us know how you get on.


More Life Health 15 minute chair workout
Watch online:

10 minute workout with The Body Coach
Watch online:

8-minute workout segment from The Sunflower Channel
Watch online:

Wellbeing – looking after yourself

We have all had to experience the world slightly differently over the last few months, whether this be working from home, not being able to get to the gym or for a swim and of course not seeing loved ones and friends.

Many of these things we have taken for granted in the modern era. Grabbing a coffee and having a natter with a friend was often scheduled as a weekly necessity and getting out for some exercise was too.

There’s no doubt we have all had testing times and have had to pull together as a nation and even race, but it has meant a lot of us have adapted to this ‘new norm’ and found ways to keep some kind of social connectivity and importantly keeping fit as well.

All ages have had to adapt, whether you’re a 9-year-old now studying at home through e-learning or 80+ picking up an iPad for the first time to make cakes with the grandchildren, it’s proven we can change to our surroundings.

Most of us have made that little bit more effort to make sure we have taken the time to call (or zoom) our elderly or disabled neighbour living a few doors down to see if they need any shopping or just want a chat. Mental health is just as important as your physical health, having that typically British chat about the weather at the bus stop seems a luxury now! It is important we recognise any changes within ourselves and those around us in challenging times like these. If you or someone you know would like to talk to someone, then get in touch with Mind.

To stay physically fit can be just as hard, without the mass of gymnasiums and swimming baths we have grown accustomed to nowadays. Whether it be a regular visit to the local health centre for a yoga lesson, crown green bowls or just a leisurely stroll around the block, we have all found it difficult to stay fit.

Staying at home for a few weeks sounds easy, but with tempting niceties like cake and biscuits, it’s all too easy to put a pound or two on. For most putting extra weight on is more a vanity issue than it is a health one, but with obesity in the UK on the rise, we should all be trying to keep fit. A lot of people nowadays suffer from illnesses and disabilities which extra weight and lack of exercise can have a critical impact on.

The youngsters had Joe Wicks by their side with his morning workouts and taking P.E to a virtual stage which he then did for the seniors too via his Body Coach YouTube channel. But if this is a little too energetic then we have put together some easier moves to do from the comfort of your chair, just a few exercises a day can certainly help.

If you are struggling at home, especially with the stairs then give us a call. Love Stairlifts are happy to help and can advise on a solution to help tackling the stairs become so much easier. So, call today on 0151 459 5939 to talk to an advisor.

A poster showing various exercises

Why buy a stairlift from Love Stairlifts?

What makes buying a stairlift different at Love Stairlifts?

It isn’t just one difference, it’s lots of little differences that make a big difference!

Our Values

At Love Stairlifts we have three core values:

  • Better choice
  • Better value
  • Better care

Better Choice

Your choice of stairlifts is limited when you’re choosing from most stairlift companies, sometimes just one or two. You might think that’s enough, but in our experience, it’s not! To get it exactly right for you we believe we need to offer a much wider choice…so we have more stairlifts on display, or to show you, than just about anyone else in the country.

Better Value

We offer stairlifts from the most economical to the most luxurious and technically advanced from around the world to suit and budget…but whichever one you choose; we guarantee the price of our stairlifts and service packages won’t be beaten.

Better Care

We look after you ourselves from start to finish, unlike some other companies. From giving free advice on anything you need, a full assessment of your home and your physical abilities through to
the most comprehensive aftercare service – now that’s total care from start to finish!

You’re not the same as everybody else, so why should your stairlift be?

Three Ways To Get Started

Visit our showroom

Visit Our Showroom

You wouldn’t buy a car without giving it a test drive, would you? By visiting our Stairlift Demonstration and Advice Centre you can really try before you buy!

We’ll come to your home

Home visits

If you or you family members cannot come to us, we’ll visit you at home.

We’ll do it over the phone

Phone appointments available

If at the moment you don’t want anyone visiting you, we can chat to you or your family members over the phone via a virtual platform.


Important Note: Both our showroom and home visits will be completely Covid secure. There’s no need to delay getting a stairlift from Love Stairlifts!

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