Curved Stairlifts

Its important that a stairlift carries you all the way from the bottom to the top of your stairs and back down again. Some staircase types have mid-landings and bend around corners. This means that a straight rail stairlift wouldn’t be suitable.

Love Stairlifts offer a range of curved stairlifts. They’re bespoke and made to fit your stairs perfectly. If you have more than two floors to cover, no problem – a curved stairlift can take you over several floors with ease.

Whether you have a fanned staircase, a spiral or have a quarter or half landing, we have a stairlift solution to fit.

We have sophisticated survey equipment which captures every point, twist and turn of your stairs. This survey allows our curved stairlifts to maximise the space in the stairwell.

We house some of the worlds most innovative stairlifts which means we can always find a solution for you.

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