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Man practising Tai Chi

We have all had to experience the world slightly differently over the last few months, whether this be working from home, not being able to get to the gym or for a swim and of course not seeing loved ones and friends.

Many of these things we have taken for granted in the modern era. Grabbing a coffee and having a natter with a friend was often scheduled as a weekly necessity and getting out for some exercise was too.

There’s no doubt we have all had testing times and have had to pull together as a nation and even race, but it has meant a lot of us have adapted to this ‘new norm’ and found ways to keep some kind of social connectivity and importantly keeping fit as well.

All ages have had to adapt, whether you’re a 9-year-old now studying at home through e-learning or 80+ picking up an iPad for the first time to make cakes with the grandchildren, it’s proven we can change to our surroundings.

Most of us have made that little bit more effort to make sure we have taken the time to call (or zoom) our elderly or disabled neighbour living a few doors down to see if they need any shopping or just want a chat. Mental health is just as important as your physical health, having that typically British chat about the weather at the bus stop seems a luxury now! It is important we recognise any changes within ourselves and those around us in challenging times like these. If you or someone you know would like to talk to someone, then get in touch with Mind.

To stay physically fit can be just as hard, without the mass of gymnasiums and swimming baths we have grown accustomed to nowadays. Whether it be a regular visit to the local health centre for a yoga lesson, crown green bowls or just a leisurely stroll around the block, we have all found it difficult to stay fit.

Staying at home for a few weeks sounds easy, but with tempting niceties like cake and biscuits, it’s all too easy to put a pound or two on. For most putting extra weight on is more a vanity issue than it is a health one, but with obesity in the UK on the rise, we should all be trying to keep fit. A lot of people nowadays suffer from illnesses and disabilities which extra weight and lack of exercise can have a critical impact on.

The youngsters had Joe Wicks by their side with his morning workouts and taking P.E to a virtual stage which he then did for the seniors too via his Body Coach YouTube channel. But if this is a little too energetic then we have put together some easier moves to do from the comfort of your chair, just a few exercises a day can certainly help.

If you are struggling at home, especially with the stairs then give us a call. Love Stairlifts are happy to help and can advise on a solution to help tackling the stairs become so much easier. So, call today on 0151 459 5939 to talk to an advisor.

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