The History of the Stairlift.

Stairlifts as we know them today, where first invented by a gentleman called C.C Crispen back in 1923. Crispen who was an engineer from Pennsylvania, created the first recognizable stairlift though the need to help one of his close friends who had become sick. He set about inventing a chair that would climb the stairs for his friend and called it the Inclin-ator.

Although Crispen’s design was the starting point for what we see as the norm in todays stairlift designs, there was evidence discovered that King Henry VIII had in fact possible come up with the very first idea hundreds of years before. The 30 stone King, having had sustained a jousting injury, got his servants to haul him up and down the stairs at the ancient Whitehall Palace in London, using a block and tackle system.

Since Crispen’s invention nearly 100 years ago, the stairlift world has changed just like most other sectors as technology has become more advanced. Although the basic idea that Crispen came up with has remained the same, the design and materials as well as features have come on leaps and bounds since.

With the use of lightweight materials and a greater emphasis on safety features as well as comfort and making stairlifts look more pleasing to the eye, they have become more excepted as the most cost-effective solution to getting up and down the stairs when you start to struggle.

Although the Inclin-ator was a great name to start, it soon became known as the stairlift. Stairlifts are also commonly referred to as Chair lifts, Stair gliders and “a Stannah”.

Stannah, however is actually a brand name, much the same as Hoover is in the vacuum cleaner world with the likes of Dyson and Shark now arguably taking top spot with new innovative technologies as well-known brands in everyone’s homes today.

Stannah stairlifts are much the same, a well-known brand name which has over the years been challenged by newer more innovative companies like Thyssenkrupp and Otolift who have taken the stairlift market to a whole new level with fresh technologies. Brands like Thyssenkrupp, Otolift and Handicare are now amongst the brand leaders in stairlifts nowadays, all offering the very latest in stairlift technology. These other, not so well-known brands offer vast ranges, meaning more options which can suit more people in their existing environments without compromise to functionality or style.

Love stairlifts was developed as the UK’s first and largest dedicated demonstration and advice centre to offer the choice and range that is available in the stairlift world today. We believe that people should have choice when choosing their stairlift.

“We’re not all the same, so why should your stairlift be!”

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